"Sensitive arrangements, sparkling theme developments, enticing melodies, and magical orchestrations enchanted me throughout. The setting for this captivating music is Orcas Island. Trees, open waters, moonless nights, dark green ravines with glittering streams, and the white-cloaked Cascade Range provide deep spiritual inspirations." NAPRA Review

"Hardman's range of moods, depicting scenes of grandeur, is vast. And throughout everything is life, the motion of life, its steadfastness of purpose, its continuance through all beginnings and endings. A dusky brilliance." The Book Reader

"A masterful ode to nature, put forth with a respectful, loving reverence." The New Times

"Rich and harmonious, this album is recommended for all river lovers and seekers of river knowledge." Heartsong Review

"Music so sweeping and compelling it requires complete surrender. A vital tribute to the human spirit." Nebula

"There is a mystery about this music, the same type of mystery one senses when looking through a telescope at distant stars." The New Times

"Nothing short of remarkable. There is a majesty here that is undeniable, moving and yet very human." Music in Review


831 Buckhorn Road

Eastsound, WA 98245